Spear fishing, harpooning on the beach

Flint and steels

Blowing into flame

Hand drill


The Importance of Fire

Learn to light fire using many different techniques,

including fire by friction with the fire bow and hand drill. Recognise, prepare and use a variety of natural tinders and fire types.

Understand the importance of fire and its many functions when living in the wilds



Fishing creel

Fishing lines and hooks

Fish harpoons


Native Fishing Techniques

Acquire the skills to manufacture fishing equipment from the environment.

Learn techniques to catch fish, including trapping, angling, spearing and netting. Discover the different types of bait that

may be used and what varieties of salt and fresh water fish can be eaten.



Natural shelter

A frame and tarp

Hazel dome frame


The Need for Shelter

The ability to build a shelter is one of the core skills in a survival or wilderness living situation.
There are numerous styles of construction using many different natural materials. We will teach you how to construct a

wind and water-tight shelter and bed from what is available around you.



Bone needle work

Bast stripping

Flint and antler


Backwoods Crafts

Learn to apply ancient skills to make cordage, containers and many other items using

natural materials including antler, bone, slate, flint, bark, rushes, plant fibres and natural glues. Make your own tools and implements that will become indispensable around your camp.



Horses hoof fungi

Orange birch boletus

Beefsteak fungi


Fungi - Friend or Foe?

Food, medicines, tinder - fungi have many beneficial uses. A vast array of fungi grows wild in the UK, but this resource

is largely ignored through lack of knowledge and fear of mis-identification (some contain deadly toxins). Learn how to identify which species are edible or poisonous and find out about their many and varied uses.



Throwing dart

Bow and arrows



Hunting Weapons

Hunting for food is one of man's basic survival instincts. A wide range of hunting tools can be made using readily

available natural materials. Learn how to construct a woodland bow and arrows, an atlatl and dart set, a bolas, a blow pipe and darts and other useful hunting tools, then discover how to use these ancient weapons.



Sweet Chestnut


Ramsons - Wild garlic


The Uses of Plants and Trees

Foods, flavourings, essential medicines, vitamins - all can be found growing along country

hedgerows or on the forest floor, if you know where to look! Trees and plants have a multitude of uses.

Learn how to identify and process these invaluable resources.



Escargot on burdock

Wild oyster mushrooms

Wild fruit


Backwoods Cookery and Wild Foods

Learn to identify wild foods that you may frequently walk past without realising their potential.
Transform them into a delicious and nutritious meal. We will demonstrate various ways of preparing and cooking these wild delights on an open fire, without the aid of modern metal pots.





Squirrel and throwing stick


Trapping and Snaring

The ability to trap and snare will provide you with protein, fat and other essential nutrients. Learn techniques from

around the world and make and use triggers and mechanisms that are very productive in the field. Please note that traps and snares are for teaching purposes only, we do not catch or harm any wildlife during courses.



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